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Updated: Apr 22

1. Can another photographer edit the photos you took? NO

2. Can we get your RAW/ unedited files? No 3. What type of payment is available? Venmo, Cash app, and Cash.

4. How long is the wait for delivery of the images? 2-week delivery time at most

. 5. Do you edit after we view the images? No, when you are ready to view the images all the photos will be edited at that time. I do not charge any extra for editing. I only charge extra for touch-ups.

6. How do I get the images? I will send you an online gallery to your email address.

7. Am I able to get them printed elsewhere? Absolutely! I just can't promise you the quality of the prints if you get them printed elsewhere.

8. Your watermark is on the website. Will that be on the images when I go to download them? No, the watermark across all the images will not be there when you download the images that you paid for.

9. What type of photography services do you offer? Pets, Family and commercial..

10 What does commercial photography consist of? Portraits, headshots, events, product photography, personal branding.

11. Do you provide prints or digital files? I provide both.

12. What happens if the weather is bad? Due to our New Mexico weather being so unpredictable at times, I do offer to reschedule due to the inconvenience of bad weather 13, Do you have sessions at clients homes? Yes Mostly for pets, events and home family photo sessions. It very on the session. 14. How long till I get my photos? Its usually two weeks from the day of your photo shoot. Some times you will also get them a lot sooner then two weeks. Here are some articles to help you get your digital downloads. 15. How do My clients get there free digital files? ( These are actually the files you all ready paid for when booking with me!) 16. How do My clients receive there paid digital files? ( These are the files you get when your wanting to buy digitals out side of a full session)

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